Are your employees using their personal vehicles for business purposes?


Now you can use AIRINC's Global Driving Reimbursement Report to fairly reimburse them!

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AIRINC's Global Driving Reimbursement Reports provide insight into government rates set by tax authorities and cost-of-living rates which use the same calculation across countries. The combination provides insight on how you can reimburse personal auto-use consistently across the globe.

Use the data in the reports to support global driving reimbursement policies, helping to ensure:

  • Consistency across multiple locations, eliminating confusion and ambiguity
  • Cost-Optimization – cost-of-living reimbursement rates help the company to avoid over- or under-paying in different regions
  • Efficiency by streamlining the reimbursement process and reducing the administrative burden on HR and finance teams
  • Employee Satisfaction by providing clear guidelines and fair compensation

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