What does BREXIT mean for Cross Border Mobility? [Download]

    Jan 20, 2021 @ 02:26 PM / by Michael Joyce

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    The importance of agility post-BREXIT

    Twelve months ago, almost every conversation in the U.K. was dominated by Brexit. News channels, radio shows, and documentaries were fixated on the countdown for the United Kingdom leaving the EU.

    Then COVID-19 arrived and those headlines were replaced by a more immediate threat to our health and wellbeing, livelihoods, freedom to work, and our ability to travel and live without restrictions.

    As the roll out of vaccines begins to take shape on a global basis we all hope that this will begin to see the end of the pandemic. At the same time, the U.K. government has finally secured a deal with the EU on its future trading relationship which will at least remove some of the uncertainty that has prevailed the past few years.

    Now that the U.K. is outside of the EU, companies will need to be more creative around their staffing solutions and be agile enough to adapt to and manage future complexities.


    What’s at stake with BREXIT and how will it impact Global Mobility?

    Even with a deal, there are ramifications for British businesses and individuals in terms of ability to trade without any restrictions, limits on immigration, and the end of free movement and reciprocal healthcare arrangements.

    But what does this mean for those tasked with managing or providing services to a globally mobile workforce? Of course, there are technical and practical long term issues but when the EU referendum result was first announced in 2016, the immediate concern was the fall of the pound against major currencies. GM managers were inundated with correspondence from expatriates concerned about what this would mean for their allowances.


    Download the complete report to learn more about:

    • Brexit, Inflation, and your Cost of Living Allowance [COLA]
    • The rise of Cross Border Permanent Transfers/Hires
    • The impact of Technology and the rise of a Distributed Workforce 
    • How can we effectively evaluate locations against each other?
    • What will BREXIT bring for the U.K. and EU?

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