We have been watching top locations where companies send their key talent - view our interactive Goods & Services Inflation Tracker, which has been updated for this quarter based on the listed countries’ most recently published data.

The rising inflation that we were observing in previous quarters continues to taper off.

  • The United Kingdom retains first place on this list, dropping from 11.1% in the previous quarter to 9.7% in this update.
  • Brazil has now dropped to fourth place with inflation at 7.7%, down from its recent peak of 13.3%.
  • Mexico comes in second at 8.7% and Germany is close behind at 8.3%
  • The bottom of the list has shuffled around: Japan (4.3%) was reporting the lowest inflation for multiple quarters but has now been displaced by China (3.0%) and Saudi Arabia (3.5%).

Who is Feeling the Effects of Inflation?

International Assignees

With inflation all over the headlines, are you fielding questions from your assignees regarding their COLA calculations (Cost of Living Allowance) -- in these locations or elsewhere? AIRINC's COLA Change Report can help you with those conversations. It is a transparent personalized report that reflects changes in an assignee’s specific COLA and visually explains the reasons behind the change.


Employee Salaries

As a compensation professional, understanding how inflation is impacting your employees’ pay is critical, especially since inflation’s impact on salary varies by multiple factors, from geography to where the individual falls on the income spectrum. Our analysis and data on income distribution shows that inflation is impacting lower-level employees the most.  

AIRINC’s Inflation Impact Analysis provides you with the data you need to make an informed decision on how much to adjust salaries or when to provide a one-time inflation payment.


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