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News from the region

Snapshots of expatriate-quality rental markets around the world

Hong Kong [RISING]

Robust competition from arrivals from mainland China has changed Hong Kong’s rental market post-pandemic. Smaller properties in the best located buildings have seen the biggest increases, while the traditional high-end and larger properties on Hong Kong Island have not seen such noticeable rent hikes. Read more here.

Addressing Global Compensation Challenges - 
A Deminar of AIRINC's New Net-to-Net Tool

February 27 - 10:00 AM Hong Kong


Permanent relocations, international transfers, localizations, and host-based assignments create challenges in determining the right pay level in the new location. In the context of these types of moves, global companies are consistently trying to understand:

  • Whether a cross-border promotion actually feels like a promotion for the employee
  • How employees perceive the financial impacts of moving from one local office to another
  • Appropriate compensation levels to offset taxes and cost-of-living differences between two locations

Join our 30-minute deminar to see AIRINC’s Global Salary Comparison (GSC) and how companies use it to answer these questions.