Housing can be one of the most emotional aspects of an assignment, securing a safe and comfortable rental is often top of mind for your employees and their families. On the other hand, housing costs can be one of the most expensive elements of an assignment. Getting a housing budget right helps manage your company’s overall costs while reducing exceptions and improving the employee experience.

Photo by AIRINCer Laura Bayne

Take a look at snapshots of expatriate-quality rental markets around the world from AIRINC's latest research. See how markets are changing.

Dhaka, Bangladesh [RISING]

The luxury rental market in Dhaka continues to boom with foreign investment. Demand from the growing middle class and a steady flow of expatriates arriving from India, China, and Japan have caused vacancy rates to fall. Rents have risen as a result.  

Italy [RISING]

Rents in Milan and Rome have risen strongly in the past 6 months. This spike is due to the overall economic inflation in Italy, driven by new legislation and rising mortgages. This has led to a scarcity of available rental properties, as people are opting to rent rather than buy or sell.  

Netherlands [RISING]

Rents in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and the Hague are all up with low supply and high demand. Owners are selling off their rental properties in advance of new government regulations which may move many properties from the private to the social rental market. 

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AIRINC provides ‘at-the-readyhousing budgets by job level and family size. We do the research for you saving time and giving you the confidence that your support is up to date and competitive. Budgets are based on our continuous surveys and benchmarks of typical allowances across the income and family size spectrum. Our dedicated experts support your budgets, providing you advice and information for your locations. Contact us!