AIRINC recently held its fourth annual virtual Halloween costume contest: The SCARE-Inc Spooktacular. Employees from AIRINC’s offices around the world submitted photos of themselves and their pets in fun, funny, and scary costumes. We then counted votes for the best costumes among the People and among the Pets.

Be warned: there are some frighteningly bad jokes in this post. We’ll start with the Human winners… 

Winner: Mike Wincott (EMEA Client Solutions team), dressed as Count Expatula

Mike Wincott-1


You can’t spell Wincott without “Win,” so it’s fitting that Mike Wincott from AIRINC’s Brussels office won this year, dressed as Count Expatula. And there was no need for a re-count of the votes. This costume certainly reflects (note the mirror) nicely on AIRINC’s team in the EMEA region


Mike, congratulations to nosferat-you, and great job dressing as this long-term assignee on a 591-year assignment.


Second Place: Rob Zeitz (Americas Client Engagement team), dressed as Kernel Sanders

Rob Zeitz (1)

When you get fried chicken, you’re always tempted to go back for seconds, and in second place is Rob Zeitz from the Americas Client Engagement team as Kernel Sanders (note the corn cob shirt). Rob says it took a few attempts to get the wig to fit just right, but, if at first you don’t succeed, FRY, FRY, again. He was a little nervous about dressing up but didn’t want to be called chicken.


Third Place: Jordan Blue (Head of Products & Partnerships) and son Miles, dressed as a grumpy lion

Blog Two Photos

I’m not lion when I say that Jordan Blue’s son, Miles, was the mane event on Halloween. Jordan and Miles can both feel lots of pride in this third place finish.


Honorable mention:

Farrah Ritter (Americas Client Engagement team)


And now on to the winners in the Pet category!

Winner: Jeff Hawk (President, CEO) and dog Tucker, dressed as a pizza delivery (good) boy

Jeff Hawk Tucker (2)

There was no topping Tucker this year. Absolutely everyone wants a pizza this saucy pup. By the way, sorry for the cheesy puns.

Second place: Jill Penman (Americas Client Engagement team) and dog Teddy, dressed as Cruella Ted-Vil, and 1 Dalmatian

Jill Penman and Teddy


You could definitely spot Teddy and Jill from a mile away in these costumes. They clearly put in 101% effort!


Third place: Nancy Normant (Analysis & Delivery team) and dog Ginny as “Ginnifred” Sanderson

Nancy Normant Ginny

Nancy’s dog was certainly spellbinding in this costume, dressed as Pette Midler’s character in Hocus doge-us. Wow, it’s hard for me to figure out witch of these jokes is the worst.

Haunt-orable mentions:

Jani McLean (EMEA Client Engagement team) and cat Bentley
Yaira Soriano (Research team) and dog Enzo
Jade Chang (Americas Client Engagement team) and dog Nori
Brussels lights (1)

Congratulations to all the winners (humans, dogs, cats, humans dressed as dogs or cats, and vampiric humans). And congratulations to you for making it through a barrage of corny jokes.


Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!



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