Take the Pain out of COLA Updates

    Sep 16, 2022 @ 10:16 AM / by Kristiana Messuri


    Let's face it…updating Cost of Living Allowances can be a painful process. You may be used to looking up each employee’s COLA on a grid every update. Then you have to type all those values somewhere…and track the update somehow…and push through to payroll someway. With unprecedented levels of economic change & inflation you might be updating more frequently. And assignees always have so many questions about why COLAs change. What a pain…there’s got to be a better way…

    Yes, there is a better way! AIRINC makes COLA updates a breeze with:

    IAC COLA Batch Updates - Vertical

    AIRINC takes the pain out of the COLA update process.

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    Kristiana Messuri

    Written by Kristiana Messuri

    Kristiana has worked within AIRINC’s client engagement group since early 2016, and since that time has specialized in serving clients throughout the North Central U.S., with a specific focus on the Chicago area. Kristiana works with a diverse number of industry sectors and has experience working with clients that have a variety of mobility program sizes. She is also a member of the Advisory Services team and has worked on a variety of projects involving competitive benchmarking, business case preparation, and program assessment.