A leading conglomerate wanted to promote more mobility within the organization. Not only were mobile opportunities needed to fill client and organizational needs, mobility was seen as a way to offer a strong Employee Value Proposition. AIRINC helped the organization develop a mission statement to achieve that goal.  

Vision - Our people are our product. When we mobilize talent, we unlock our company’s full global potential. We have the courage to offer a bold open approach to mobility that empowers us to realize our potential as a truly global company. The result: more mobile talent opportunities for our employees, our businesses, and our clients. 

A new mobility program was developed that offered a range of purposeful policies and investment levels. This suite of new offerings allowed the company to support “more mobility” from volunteers all the way up to critical skill deployments. Built on feedback gathered from thousands of employees, the program delivered on what employees really value from mobility: the ability to gain international experience and grow their careers! 

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