Join us for a Fireside Chat with Sally Harris, Intel's Domestic Relocation Design Program Manager. With her extensive expertise and experience, Sally plays a crucial role in shaping and executing Intel's domestic relocation policies and procedures. Her knowledge in this field makes her the perfect guest to discuss the intricacies and challenges involved in managing domestic relocations.

Webinar: Fireside Chat with Intel

November 2
10:00 AM San Francisco / 1:00 PM Boston


These sessions are being recorded. If time zones prevent you from attending the session live, please register to receive a link to the recording.


Sally will share the current domestic suite at Intel, highlighting the successes achieved so far as well as the obstacles encountered along the way. In addition to relocations, Sally will delve into Intel’s Two-Way Domestic policy supplying valuable insights into its goals and how it benefits both the employee and company. By sharing these experiences, Sally will provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in implementing effective domestic relocation policies.
Furthermore, Sally will share her 2024 initiatives, offering a glimpse into the future of domestic relocations within the company. This exclusive discussion will highlight Intel's commitment to continuously improving their policies and procedures to ensure successful relocations and assignments to their employees.
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