One-way moves: live benchmarking review, and preview of upcoming webinars

    May 17, 2022 @ 05:42 PM / by Rob Zeitz

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    There is more than one way to implement “one-way” moves.

    That’s what the results of a live benchmarking session at the FEM Americas Summit in May 2022 showed, with AIRINC’s Jessica Caligan and Jill Penman curating the review. AIRINC will also be hosting live benchmarking webinars focusing on “one-way” moves on May 18th, and May 24th.

    At the FEM Americas Summit, the mobility professionals in attendance kicked off the benchmark by crowdsourcing a word cloud with the terms their organization uses for one-way moves. There were more than a dozen different names submitted, foreshadowing how much variety there can be in this area.

    flexibilityThe group then reviewed a set of “one-way” scenarios and shared their answers for how their company would base an employee’s pay in different situations, when transition payments might be considered, and how they would likely handle transfers into high-cost locations.

    The diversity of responses, as well as the comments and questions offered by the participants, confirmed that there is more than one way to conduct one-way moves, but each company can determine the right way for them based on their circumstances, talent, and location.

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    One Way(s): Leveraging “Permanent Moves”
    to Attract and Retain

    Session One: 18 May 2022: 09:00 AM Boston / 3:00 PM Brussels
    Session Two: 18 May 2022: 12:00 PM San Francisco / 3:00 PM Boston

    Session Three: 24 May 2022: 10:00 AM Hong Kong



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    Rob Zeitz

    Written by Rob Zeitz

    Rob started at AIRINC in 2014 assisting the Data team with research projects. In 2016 he joined AIRINC’s client engagement team focused on clients with relatively smaller mobility programs. In 2019 Rob became a Client Engagement Manager, and currently works with clients of a variety of sizes and industries in the Central/Midwestern US, as well as Alberta, Canada.