What does a DE&I and Talent Focused Mobility Program look like?

A leading healthcare company needed their global mobility program to help fill critical roles and develop future talent. AIRINC created a vision statement to help bring their aspiration to life.  

Vision – Mobility drives our talent advantage on a global scale. When we mobilize talent, we unlock the potential to outperform on a global scale and accelerate our development of talent with diverse experiences. Global mobility is the engine that drives our talent advantage on a global scale.


A new mobility program was created to help fulfil the desired outcome.   


The program leverages a series of building blocks that allows the company to build the right package for the employee and the company. The approach considers desired investment in mobility, the reason for the mobile opportunity, employee needs, and it allows for additional adaptations to address DE&I needs. This “flexibility” within a framework approach provides just the right balance of structure and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of their employees and the business.  


The result is the company has accelerated its use of mobile opportunities across the globe allowing more opportunities for mobility than ever before. Talent acquisition and the business have successfully leveraged the program to meet talent needs and drive organizational outcomes. A more diverse talent pool than ever participates in the program further driving the company’s talent advantage on a global scale.  


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