Global Mobility tax update

AIRINC Global Tax Director Pat Jurgens joined Benivo’s 'The View from the Top' hosted by Brian Friedman on February 10th,2021 providing an update on global mobility tax. Pat and Brian were accompanied by immigration expert Julia Onslow-Cole, and special guest Eric Tate, the East Region Vice President of Aires.


What's the latest news in global tax? 

With tax season beginning in many countries around the world, “Expat Pat” provided a global mobility tax update that focused on a checklist of tax fundamentals to remember, including several related to Covid-19. Here are some of the reminders:

  • Do you need to provide exceptions for displaced workers or others with unusual circumstances due to COVID?
  • Travel and workday data for 2020 : check for potential changes from COVID, are there any new filing requirements?
  • Consider both the work location and location of employee’s tax residence.
  • Consider if there are special tax concessions due to COVID.

Doing prep work early can help avoid last minute “fire drill” situations at the tax deadline.

What can we anticipate for tax changes in 2021?

Tax policy seems to be moving in opposite directions in 2021, depending on the location. For example, Russia is among the countries that is raising taxes with a new progressive tax rate schedule, and new top rate of 15%. Kenya had cut taxes in 2020 but is reverting to their previous higher rates in 2021. Meanwhile countries such as Czechia and Croatia are cutting taxes.

In 2021 countries are expected to try to find a balance between providing relief to taxpayers, while also addressing the need to collect revenue to pay for the financial costs of the Covid-19 pandemic. The key to this difficult balance will be in the timing and scope of tax law changes, i.e. who will pay more and who will pay less.

Pat’s tax “crystal ball” predicted the only certainty for global taxes in 2021 would be uncertainty.


Remote Work on the Beach, and Special Guest Eric Tate

Immigration expert Julia Onslow-Cole discussed how some countries such as Barbados, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the UAE are attempting to attract foreign remote workers to live and work remotely, so long as their employment meets certain conditions. And special guest Eric Tate discussed his career at Aires, how they have worked through the pandemic, and what he sees for Global Mobility’s future.

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