Talent Remobilization Survey Results

In our conversations with our clients and prospects alike, AIRINC and NetExpat have noticed that many assumptions being made by employers about employees’ readiness for an international assignment, and the actual expectations of employees, do not completely match. We were curious to understand the similarities and differences so we partnered in this survey to investigate what employers and employees perceive as driving factors to restimulate mobility. 

The insights gained are fascinating and in some cases reveal stark differences between the perceptions of employees and those of the organization towards international remobilization. In some cases we found companies underestimating the importance of a employees attach to certain factor.

In other cases, things the company felt were important for employees did not feature as highly on the their radars. As an example, I found it interesting that even in these turbulent times employees remain more willing to accept an assignment than employers think.

However, they have expectations and in some cases companies are missing the levers that will help to drive successful remobilisation like a fair package, adequate local support and help with cultural integration.


Download the paper to see the all questions that companies are grappling with, such as:

  • What is the appetite for an international assignment?
  • Has the pandemic changed employees’ willingness to work abroad?
  • What are the barriers to motivating candidates to accept an international opportunity?
  • What support is needed to make an assignment attractive in the new reality?
Download the Survey