What if you knew someone thinking of flying from Tokyo to Las Vegas for a huge American football game coming up? What if they needed to know how much an average ticket would cost? How would you figure that out? Fortunately, Taylor Swift will make it home for the Super Bowl according to the Japanese Embassy.

You could spot-check fares on your own, but airfare prices are forever and always changing. And how many would you need to check to determine a good average? Seven? Fifteen? 22?

Don’t panic. Relax. You need to calm down and just breathe. AIRINC has a database of airfare costs that’s bigger than the whole sky.

According to AIRINC’s database, a round-trip, non-refundable economy ticket from Tokyo to Las Vegas would cost JPY 250,000 (USD 1,700 if we convert using AIRINC’s February rates).

And if you were traveling one-way, because you were possibly going to Kansas City after that weekend in Vegas, the cost would be JPY 150,000 (USD 1,000).

AIRINC knows all too well that there are many different types of ways to travel. If you wanted to fly in style, you might choose an average of one-way business class fares, which would be JPY 380,000 (USD 2,600).

Or perhaps you’re worried about needing to change plans at the last minute. If so, you could shake off those concerns and elect for a fare that reflects refundable tickets. You can even choose between non-peak and peak travel times in case you want to travel in August to relax during a cruel summer, or around New Year’s Day.

To make a long story short, AIRINC’s airfare database can be TAYLOR-ed SWIFT-ly to your specific needs.

You may never ever get back to doing spot-checks again.



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