AIRINC has recently hosted another successful roundtable discussion in Singapore, where corporate companies come together to address the various questions and challenges they face in their global mobility programs. 

By facilitating these roundtable discussions, AIRINC aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among companies, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the best practices and innovative approaches in global mobility.


Roundtable Discussions

During our roundtable discussions in Singapore, we have covered an extensive range of topics that are crucial in the ever-changing landscape of global mobility. From exploring the benefits of flexible remote working to understanding the complexities of international one-way moves, our discussions have provided valuable insights into the challenges companies are facing.


Local-Plus Assignments

One of the topics that garnered significant interest during our discussions was the concept of local-plus assignments in Singapore. Companies were keen to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and how it can be effectively implemented within their global mobility programs.


AI and Global Mobility

Another captivating topic that sparked engaging conversations was the use of AI (ChatGPT) in mobility programs. Participants were intrigued by the possibilities that AI presents in streamlining processes and enhancing employee experiences. Our discussions delved into the practical applications of AI and how companies can leverage this technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Download the recent AIRINC AI Survey here.



Rising housing costs also emerged as a significant concern for companies managing global assignments. As the cost-of-living continues to increase in many locations worldwide, finding suitable and affordable housing options for assignees has become increasingly challenging. Our roundtable discussions provided a platform for participants to share their experiences and strategies for managing housing costs effectively. From exploring different types of expatriate residential areas to considering rental costs and quality, companies gained valuable insights into determining appropriate housing budgets for their assignees.



At AIRINC, we enjoy facilitating these discussions and encouraging collaboration among companies. By bringing corporate leaders together, we aim to create a space where ideas are shared, experiences are exchanged, and innovative approaches are explored.

Our recent roundtable sessions was well received by our attendees:

  • “It was a good meet up with a decent number of participants sharing their company practices.”
  • “It was really insightful. Looking forward to the next session.”
  • “It was great connecting with industry peers and sharing our challenges/experiences with each other. Look forward to the next one!”

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