Manage Your Flexible Policy with AIMS

Policies are becoming more flexible and dynamic. Traditional static written policies are often inadequate at conveying the myriad of mobility policies on offer, as well as the flexible support options available to the business or the employee.

AIRINC's AIMS helps you to tailor-build a mobility offering for each individual that takes into consideration criteria such as:

  • Location
  • Employee level
  • Family status
  • Duration of need
  • Business ability to spend, and more...

AIMS works as a dynamic policy generator:

  • Based on your policy guardrails
  • That guides the user on which elements to offer
  • Allowing you to generate a unique “individual policy” based on your inputs

The Dynamic Policy Generator allows you to offer flexible policy options efficiently and in a structured way. It also helps your company make good and consistent decisions about the right policy to apply.

Want to see the Dynamic Policy Generator in action? Contact us to schedule a demo or to learn how AIMS can efficiently help you manage your flexible policies.

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