We believe in a sustainable future which is why we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 and had that commitment validated and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. This type of bold commitment is required to maintain global temperature rises below two degrees Celsius.

Our process for establishing our commitment:

  • We researched five years' worth of AIRINC's emissions, such as our offices' energy usage, our business travel and our employees' commuting to understand our baseline

  • We created a model to identify our major areas of emissions and tested various plans to reduce them

  • We formed a global cross-functional team to support a Green AIRINC, with executive support and commitment to these goals -- because we believe that it's that important.

We are applying the new knowledge that we learned by going through this process to our products, with the view to support our clients with their own sustainability initiatives. Our enhanced solutions will help our clients make more sustainable decisions within their mobility programs.

We will share progress updates with you along the way; watch this space for updates on products that help drive sustainable decisions.


Sustainability and Global Mobility