Mobility Optimization Series, Part 4: Mobility Delivers Return on Investment by Advancing Careers

    Jul 07, 2022 @ 06:55 PM / by Grace Kernohan

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    AIRINC recently interviewed six Mobility leaders to learn how they are optimizing their Mobility functions. This interview highlights the fourth of our 6-part series, where we discussed how Mobility delivers a return on investment by advancing careers.

    We chatted with Susan, who believes that Mobility adds value as a purposeful tool for career planning and advancement. She leads the Global Mobility function at a pharmaceutical company, an industry with considerable competition for specialized talent. Susan’s thought process is that purposeful moves deliver better return on investment because they are more likely to succeed.

    To her, success means that the employee completes a move or assignment, grows from that experience, and reinvests that energy back into the company. She recently revised eligibility criteria and communications to highlight how moves that are part of a greater development plan will benefit the business and the organization. The success of this long-term strategy relies on her team’s influencing skills and capability to nurture business partnerships. She started by establishing credibility and delivering excellent service and advice to the business.

    Once trust was established, she was able to engage her stakeholders and secure buy-in on the new moves-with-purpose approach.

    We appreciate Susan for sharing their short-term and long-term strategies with us so we can showcase insights and inspiration for professionals embarking on their own Mobility optimization journey.


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    Grace Kernohan

    Written by Grace Kernohan

    Grace Kernohan joined AIRINC in the fall of 2017 working in Client Engagement, and was promoted to Senior Client Engagement Representative in December 2018. As a Client Engagement Representative, she has worked primarily with NGOs, Consumer Goods, and Defense companies of both small and large expatriate programs. In April 2020, she was promoted to Manager of Advisory Services, where she focuses on policy reviews, benchmarking reporting, and mobility consulting. She has worked on a range of projects, from NGO policy suite revisions to pharmaceutical M&A mobility function consulting. She has also traveled internationally performing cost-of-living surveys. She graduated from Union College in 2017 with a BS in mathematics and economics. She is based in Cambridge, MA.