The mobility team at a leading biotechnology company was looking for ways to partner with their Talent Acquisition teams to help facilitate moves to higher cost locations.

Most moves were within the US, typically from key research centers on the east coast to the Bay Area. Recruiters were having a hard time getting candidates to accept offers without housing assistance.

The mobility team already had a housing benefit in place, but wanted to ensure the benefit was fair and supported by data. Using AIRINC’s research on the US/Canadian housing market, we built a solution which offered a concise side-by-side comparison of estimated home values between the origin and destination locations. This allowed the company to calculate and pay an equitable housing benefit.

The housing benefit and other mobility offerings provided the Talent Acquisition team valuable tools needed to attract and relocate talent. And best of all, this provided a great platform for TA and mobility to work more closely together. Just another example of how innovative use of data can help organizations achieve their talent goals.

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