Whether you're just beginning your career in Global Mobility or you've been in the field for years, it's always important to stay up to date with the fundamentals of Global Mobility.

Back to Basics: Exchange Rates

Recorded Webinar

  • Back to basics: the fundamentals of exchange rate policies
  • Pay approaches and exchange rates
  • Black market rates: what they mean, how they interact with inflation, and how they can impact the COLA and other payments


Back to Basics: The COLA

Recorded Webinar

  • Back to basics: the interplay between inflation, exchange rates, and the Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA)
  • How often the COLA should be updated to capture these fluctuations
  • How to communicate the COLA with assignees

Back to Basics: Comparing Two Common Assignment Approaches


It’s important to know that expatriate assignments are not one-size-fits-all. The budget of the employer, priorities of both the employer and the employee, and the salary affinity between the home and host countries must all be considered when deciding which approach the employer will use. This decision should be based on a variety of factors: assignment length, level of employee, assignment purpose, intended assignment conclusion, and home and host location.


Back to Basics: Housing

Recorded Webinar

Housing can be one of the most emotional aspects of an assignment: securing a safe and comfortable rental is often top of mind for your employees and their families. On the other hand, housing costs can be one of the most expensive elements of an assignment. Watch again for a refresher on housing allowances.


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