AIRINC has always researched the cost of airfare allowances across the globe: we are now adding carbon emissions to help you achieve your ESG goals.


AIRINC's at-the-ready Airfare Database is already supporting companies using cash allowances or managed caps in lieu of reimbursing their assignees' travel -- and now we've added some new features to support your sustainability initiatives:

  • Kilograms of CO2 per passenger: see how much carbon each route generates per passenger
  • Tree Offsets: see how many trees you can plant to offset the CO2 emissions from that flight route

We have also added Methodology Details that explain our general airfare methodology as well as these new sustainability additions.

If you're already using AIRINC's Airfare Database, you will see these new features the next time you download your Client Airfare report; otherwise, get in touch if you are curious to know more!



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