Introducing the Global Salary Comparison (GSC), a highly configurable tool for evaluating compensation for international one-way transfers.

With just the salary and family size, make the comparison specific to your scenario. Use our default approach or tailor your calculation by picking:

  • Your comparison approach – choose the data level for comparing goods and services and housing
  • What elements you want to compare - gross salaries or spending components such as goods and services, housing, or taxes
  • When transition payments apply - set your policy threshold for triggering payments
  • How transition payments are calculated - cap payment amounts, choose your payout schedule (one to five years), and default your drawdown approach


Make the tool your own by personalizing your reports & user experience: use your organization’s terminology and default assumptions to ensure consistency across your team’s calculations.

GSC is available through AIRINC’s online portal, AIRLinc, as well as via API and SSO.

Contact us to learn more about the Global Salary Comparison (GSC) or to request your own free sample report.


Global Salary Comparison Free Report


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