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    Oct 12, 2021 @ 03:32 AM / by Anraoi Rooney

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    I am delighted to introduce myself to all the readers of the AIRINC blog, which also provides a great platform to address the question I get asked most frequently: “How do you pronounce your name?” It is pronounced “On-Ree”, you know, just like it’s spelled.

    Where are you from and what did you study?

    The spelling of my name should give you a clue as to where I am from originally, namely Dublin, Ireland. I studied Environmental Science and Health at Dublin City University. After completing my studies, I moved to Leuven, Belgium to study at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) where I obtained my Master’s in Psychology, with a focus on Theory and Research. For the last year, I conducted research in a biological psychology laboratory on fear, anxiety and the effects that relief has on both. I recently moved to Brussels to begin my journey as a global mobility specialist at AIRINC.

    What led you to AIRINC?

    In researching AIRINC prior to my recruitment, I was fascinated by the company’s origins and how much of the company’s DNA stems from research. For research to be great it is essential to be on the cutting edge in terms of thought, technology and in identifying the ‘state of the art’. Since starting at AIRINC, I have been delighted to hear frequent discussions and innovation on “the art”. Topics that I hold close to my heart such as Sustainability and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are touched upon daily. Sustainability is consistently highlighted as an area in which AIRINC, as a key stakeholder in the industry, can have a significant impact. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a focus point which each member of the AIRINC team has a responsibility to influence in a meaningful way from their day-to-day conduct to innovation on a global scale.

    How’s your AIRINC experience so far?

    My time so far has been great. Everyone I have met has been welcoming and more than willing to offer a helping hand. I was quite fortunate to join at a time where the Brussels office has been open for colleagues to come and work together in person. It is great to have people around as I get to know my clients and responsibilities. I think it is fantastic that, as I start a new chapter in my life with my new role, AIRINC as a whole is starting a new chapter too, with the appointment of Jeff Hawk as our new CEO. I am eager for us all to write the next chapter of AIRINC’s history together.

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    Anraoi Rooney

    Written by Anraoi Rooney

    Anraoi joined AIRINC in 2021 as a customer engagement representative. His primary responsibilities include supporting Client Engagement managers in providing the best service to the various clients. Anraoi is originally from Ireland. After graduating from Dublin City University in 2018 he moved to Leuven, Belgium to complete a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Anraoi has worked in Ireland, Canada and now Belgium. Anraoi is a native English speaker and speaks Irish, he also has a basic level of French.