In the latest of our "Have you met?" series we meet Cyrus Tang.

Tell us about your role at AIRINC.

I work in the Client Engagement Team of APAC as Senior Executive, responsible for the Greater China market supporting my clients from mainland China and Hong Kong.


What do you like about working at AIRINC?

There are many things I want to talk about on this point, but just to name a few: the people and the way to collaborate with them in the company; the diligence of the teams in evolving product offerings to keep up with the changing GM world; and the flexibility and encouragement we’re given in applying the best professional approach to engage with individual clients.


What are your favorite AIRINC tools?

The recently launched Global Salary Comparison tool. Upgraded from its preceding versions (Salary Evaluation Tool & Host Pay Calculator), this tool introduced some exciting new features and streamlined a more intuitive user interface to make it more user-friendly as well as addressing an increasingly common client’s need--making their work easier through well-informed decisions.


How do you support your client?

First and foremost, it’s helpful to understand the communication and interaction dynamics of the client’s market. It’s unarguable that even in the Asian region, the culture, the need for products, and the way things work varies from country to country. That’s why I aim to hone the interpersonal skills towards how clients in specific markets are used to working with partners to make them feel AIRINC is a 'Glocal' (global-local) organizations that is easy to work with. I tend not to comment if a client’s current practice or methodology is not good by my judgement; instead I’ll ask and listen to why they see the approach is appropriate for their strategy or purpose. Then I discuss with clients based on our experience learnt from the market and from other clients in similar situations. Secondly, I work with our team lead to customize our proposal and work to best meet the client’s needs because we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all product.


What problems have you helped your clients to solve?

The market I’m responsible for is unique. Some clients are still in the early stage of development, looking for advice on the design of their policy from scratch or an overhaul of their policy suite to ensure it is on par with the market practice and trends AND aligns with their business strategy. Thus, we often need to talk about how their peer companies in a specific market or vertical sector are managing the GM programs to demonstrate the prevalent trend. Although some of them do not require us to design and build their policy suite in a comprehensive approach, we ensure to keep them abreast of what’s going on in the GM market to make informed decisions.


Cyrus in the Snow

Tell us something about yourself.

On the personal side I love travelling a lot (not opposed to travelling for work either, though). My favorite destinations for holidays are Europe and Japan, and any nice and laid-back beach destinations such as Hawaii. Recently I’m picking up (serious) photography as a hobby again with my mirrorless camera, going out to take street snaps as practice and learning photo post-editing too. I hope I’ll have some nice photo work to share with you all someday in the future! 😊 


This weekend I look forward to celebrating the Luna new year - my gifts already arrived from Alibaba!

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