Top 5 downloads that shaped our perspective for 2019 and beyond!

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    Global Mobility and the Tides of Change

    With the upcoming release of AIRINC's 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey, we wanted to look back at the previous year to rank the top downloads from our extensive Global Mobility library.

    Below, you'll find the top 5 reports that have helped shape our views on where mobility is going in 2019 and beyond.


    Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond [Download]

    5. Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond

    Brexit makes 2019 an interesting year for the UK as negotiations come to a head. Most companies have contingency plans, but what additional steps can companies take to plan business decisions against the backdrop of the UK’s future relationship with Europe and the rest of the world?

    For HR and global mobility, there are non-negotiable employment factors to be managed, such as: immigration rules, right to work and settled status requirements and these have been covered extensively elsewhere.

    Download the full report by clicking below:


    Entry level employees

    4. The Future of Entry-Level Employees

    Benivo and AIRINC ran an exciting study at the end of 2018 entitled The Future of Entry-Level Mobility.

    The goal was to explore how companies are adapting to increasing numbers of candidates and employees who relocate for work, and the shift to a higher percent of early-career individuals among them.

    99 global firms participated, with representation across more than 10 industries and teams located in EMEIA, the Americas, and APAC. Most notably among our key findings was that 85% of Global Mobility teams believe creating a wider selection of basic policies is a strategic opportunity. 

    Access the complete study by clicking below:

    Where can you make the most money and keep it? [Infographic]Featured post:

    Where can you make the most money and keep it? [Infographic]

    Lump Sums Pulse Survey Results [download]

    3. Lump Sum Pulse Survey

    The Lump Sum Pulse Survey explored how companies are determining and delivering lump sums, and the pros and cons with this approach.

    Companies report using a Lump Sum approach for the following reasons:

    • 87% - Give more flexibility to the employee
    • 77% - Simplify administration
    • 26% - Save money
    • 25% - Provide more cost transparency to the business


    Download the complete results by clicking below:


    2018 Mobility Outlook Survey [download]

    2. The 2018 Mobility Outlook Survey

    Mobility is being re-imagined and re-configured. New activities and responsibilities are replacing the tasks which defined Mobility programs when we launched this survey series in 2011. The typical three-year expat assignment is now just one option among a flexible array of mobility choices.

    Highlights from 2018's report include:

    • 89% of companies are taking steps to improve the employee experience
    • 48% of companies are looking to add analytics to their mobility program resources
    • 44% of companies address employee flexibility by providing cash in lieu of individual benefits


    Down the complete survey by clicking the button below:

    2019 Mobility Outlook Survey Video Summary

    1. The 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey

    Mobility is increasingly focused on delivering value to customers. To achieve this, many are leveraging technology and vendor partnerships to streamline operations and improve the Mobility experience.

    Proactively engaging customers for input, evergreen policy reviews, and searching the market for leading products, services, and technology are now part of Mobility’s regular activities. 

    Down the complete survey by clicking the button below:



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