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    Dec 10, 2020 @ 03:19 PM / by Gerald Abbey

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    Petrol pump price comparison [Q.2 to Q.4]

    After crude futures turned negative in Q2, there seemed only one direction for prices to go – up! AIRINC’s quarterly comparison of petrol pump prices from Q2 to Q4 shows that prices in most researched countries increased, particularly our top five as ranked by percent increase: Zimbabwe, Suriname, Canada, Ethiopia, and Malaysia. For some, this is a cost-driven change; for others, this is a reflection of currency adjustments.


    How have Petrol Prices been impacted? 

    The pandemic has had a significant influence on global prices and the increases shown over the last two quarters have come from the reopening of economies and the easing of restrictions as COVID-19 cases dropped.

    While this remained true at the time of data collection, the situation has changed – drastically in many locations – over recent weeks and new waves of lockdowns have been announced with more expected. Cases globally are rising, especially in the United States, India, Turkey, Germany, and Brazil.

    Below, we look at how petrol pump prices in the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific have been impacted. We collected pump prices for 77 countries in these regions and found that about 60% showed either an increase or no change from Q2 to Q4.


    Highlights from our latest petrol price report:

    • Petrol prices in Zimbabwe increased by over 375%
    • Lowest pump price collected: Angola $0.25 per liter
    • Average Q2 to Q4 petrol price increase for surveyed countries was 6.9%

    See the full results now by clicking below:

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