Make your Mobility decisions easier and more informed in 2019!

    Jan 21, 2019 @ 12:00 AM / by Michelle Curran

    AIRINC'S Interactive Decision Tree Guide

    Guide Your Customers to the Ideal Assignment or Transfer Package

    As a Mobility leader, the same requests arise regularly from your business customers. Many of you have told us you often answer the following questions:

    • Which policy or approach should I use for my employee?
    • Why can’t I just transfer everyone indefinitely?
    • How will tax, wage, benefit, and cost differences impact my employee?


    If you find that you often address the same questions, or you find it challenging to communicate the flexibility you offer, you may want to consider developing an interactive decision guide customized to reflect your organization’s mobility program. Self-directed guides are one-to-many solutions that educate the business, saving you time and leading to more informed mobility decisions!

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    Michelle Curran

    Written by Michelle Curran