In the News: MOVE Guides now supporting Short-Term Assignments by integrating AIRINC data

    Nov 01, 2017 @ 07:15 PM / by Gerald Abbey

    MOVE Guides, AIRINC, and Data Driven Personalization

    MOVE Guides recently enhanced their Talent Mobility Cloud's Employee Hub.moveguides-airinc.png 

    By integrating data from AIRINC, their Employee Hub now supports short-term assignments. The press release discusses how, "Employees today have come to expect rich, data driven personalization, and an intuitive experience from the applications they use in their everyday lives.

    "Brynne Kennedy, founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, said, 'the modern employee uses beautifully designed applications to keep their personal lives organized and on target. The mobile employee now has the same experience when relocating, on par with the consumer experience provided by Netflix, Kayak and Yelp.'"

    The article adds that, "new to the Cost Estimate Module is support for Short Term Assignments, made possible through an expanded data integration with AIRINC -- a leading provider of global tax data."

    Short-term Assignment Data

    If you'd like to learn more about AIRINC's short-term assignment data, please click below to learn more today!

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    Gerald Abbey

    Written by Gerald Abbey