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Have the sweeping changes to U.S. tax code left you confused?

Feb 12, 2018 @ 04:11 PM / by Michelle Curran


have the sweeping changes to U.S. tax code left you confused? Here are some tips from our tax experts that will help guide you! 

Tips from AIRINC's Global Mobility Tax Experts

The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017. This comprehensive tax reform act contains provisions that affect individuals and employers of globally-mobile employees (as well as corporations).

If you are struggling to make sense of these changes and how they can impact you, here are some tips from AIRINC’s tax experts. First begin by asking yourself: 


Aware of the net impact of tax costs across your mobility or relocation program?

  • Calculate/recalculate cost estimates to ensure that you have accurately projected assignment and tax costs based upon the 2018 tax code
  • Update U.S. hypothetical tax withholdings for tax-equalized international assignees


Reimbursing moving expenses (domestic/ international)?

  • Consider offering cash lump sums or reimbursable limits
  • Think about varying the level of self-service by employee groups or relocation policy


Planning to gross-up moving expenses?

  • Review gross-up methodologies (flat rates or income - / family size - specific) and select an approach to best fit your mobility program needs
  • Determine whether you will review actual taxes after tax year filing and perform true-ups as needed


Updating policy documents?

  • Update to reflect any changes, for example to gross-up moving expenses
  • Review policy documents for references to U.S. tax "itemized deductions" and "personal exemptions"
  • Review policies to ensure they still make business sense given the current tax structure, and consider modifying policy elements to offset increased program tax costs


Communicating the impact of the 2018 tax changes to your employees?

  • Determine which internationally mobile or relocating employees will be affected by tax and/or policy changes, and communicate changes as required


Contact AIRINC today for help calculating cost estimates, lump sum allowances, updating policies, and more.

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Michelle Curran

Written by Michelle Curran