Expatriate Housing: Oversupply in Nairobi, Kenya

    Apr 13, 2017 @ 08:16 AM / by Daniela Cirap

    The Nairobi rental market is facing an oversupply of high-end properties as the economic situation worsens because of the drop in oil prices and the unstable political situation.

    Nairobi,Kenya as seen during a recent AIRINC on-site cost of living survey. Photo taken by Lauren Basler.

    Exaptriate Housing in Nairobi Showing Increased Supply

    Many international companies have reduced their staff levels in Nairobi, and some oil and gas companies have left Kenya altogether. Landlords continue asking for high rents, but negotiation may be possible depending on the length of the lease.

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    Daniela Cirap

    Written by Daniela Cirap