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Sometimes global mobility managers need to use hardship payments to incentivize their employees to perform critical tasks in undesirable locations. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many pleasant places to be sent on assignment as an expatriate.

Defining Hardship

Hardship is subjective -- the evaluation of a location is typically biased by personal opinions and preferences.

At AIRINC, our hardship team conducts a thorough evaluation in order to mitigate personal opinions and preferences and indicate as accurately as possible how expatriate locations compare around the world.

Using the on-site knowledge of our in-house surveyors and senior staff, along with trusted published sources like the Department of State, we measure expatriate locations based on three categories of assessments: physical threat, discomfort, and inconvenience.

Using data from AIRINC’s proprietary hardship evaluation scoring system, here is a snapshot of the highest and lowest ranked cities by region.

These locations highlight the diversity of the expatriate assignment locations, ranging from a remote mining town in Canada to oil fields in contested territory in the Middle East.

Note: Even though a city is ranked lowest in their respective region, it may still qualify for a hardship payment.

The Highest and Lowest Ranked Cities by Region

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Weston Hicks

Written by Weston Hicks