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AIRINC'S Globetrotters: Somewhere between a dream job and an exhausting reality

Many people dream of having a job that includes some international travel. AIRINC surveyors get more than “some” - they spend about half of the year on the road. While they get the opportunity to travel to far-flung locations like Stanley, Falkland IslandsPort Vila, Vanuatu, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Lusaka, Zambia, they are in these locations for only three to five days at a time and must therefore plan their days carefully so that they are able to gather the data required.

Despite the grueling schedules, AIRINC surveyors delight in their opportunities to travel worldwide. They are a diverse group, but they share the common denominators of love for international travel, curiosity about different cultures, independent spirit, and cultural adaptability. They also possess varying foreign language proficiencies, and a facility with and affinity for the analytical component of their work.

The current staff of surveyors has visited an average of forty countries. More senior surveyors have visited over sixty countries. Given the fact that these surveyors are on the road up to four times a year, you can imagine that this type of work would be very disruptive to their personal lives. For these intrepid and energetic workers, however, the opportunity to travel wherever companies send their expatriates far outweighs the short-term personal sacrifices associated with this globetrotting.

The Blur of an AIRINC Cost of Living Survey

Below is a 1-second-a-day video taken by AIRINC Surveyor, Zenab Tavakoli, during her recent cost of living survey through many parts of Russia and Japan. We hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into survey life and the world of Global Mobility!

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