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Innovative Global Mobility IT Solutions: UniMobility's Interview with AIRINC's Mike Wincott

An Update on China and the Coronavirus

The 2020 International Business Travelers Benchmark Report [Download]

The Development of Chennai and the Impact of Corruption in Construction

Boston InTalent: Discussing Talent Management and the Employee Experience

Expatriate Housing in Bangalore, India: New Construction and Development

Is rental inflation drawing to an end in Dublin?

Kuala Lumpur - February 13th: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

The New Heart of Mumbai: Bandra Kurla Complex

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services [2019: Q4]

Happy New Year 2020!

Key Takeaways from our Autumn EMEA Events

A Strengthening Rental Market in Baku, Azerbaijan

Club 100 Network Huddle with Expat Academy [Event]

Expatriate Recreation and Tourism in Manama, Bahrain

The Top 5 Tax Blog Posts of 2019!

Did you see our latest enhancement for airfare allowances?

The Top 5 Global Mobility Policy Posts of 2019!

Transportation Projects in Mumbai and the Supreme Court Ruling on the Coastal Road Project

Housing in South Korea: A variety of ways to pay

The Top 5 Downloads of 2019!

Santa Cruz, Bolivia: An expanding city with contracting prices

Resilient, Persistent, Intelligent, Savvy: Do you have what it takes to become an AIRINC Cost of Living Surveyor?

The 3 Top Challenges with Driving in Nairobi, Kenya

2019 Long-Term Assignment Benchmark report [Download]

Kazakhstan’s Caspian Oil Towns

The Top 3 Reasons to Benchmark your Global Mobility Program

Water Heater Rentals in Canada: A hot topic for International Assignees?

Bangkok, Thailand: How do I avoid the traffic?

Participate in the Executive Relocation Policy Benchmark

Pulse Survey Results: Assignees in Hong Kong

Housing Markets on the Rise in Argentina, Canada, and Guyana

The Past and Present Capitals of Kazakhstan

Social Security contributions have changed in China

Deal or No-deal: United Kingdom and Switzerland come to transitional agreement

The Challenges of Transportation in Casablanca

2019 Global Workforce Symposium: Highlights and 5 Key Takeaways

Have these housing markets hit bottom?

An Update on the Water Crisis in Cape Town

Create lump sum payments or managed cap calculations specific to your program

How is political change impacting Argentina's economy?

A discussion with Mondelez on their mobility journey [webinar]

The Daily Frustrations of using Taxis and Rideshares in Cairo

AIRINC News: Announcing agreement between AIRINC and uFlexReward

Pulse Survey: Assignees in Hong Kong

Traveling with Public Transit Apps in Central Europe

Federal Judge Rules SALT Cap Is Not Unconstitutionally Coercive

Currency and Payment in Zimbabwe

Come meet AIRINC All-Star trio at Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium in Boston [event]

Obvious Change: My Third Survey of Far East Russia

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services [2019: Q3]

What is ABL in Argentina and how does it impact expatriate housing?

The Technology Solution you need to Determine Assignment Compensation [video]

Georgetown, Guyana Growing to Meet International Demand

London - November 13th: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

Cheat Sheet for Explaining Cost of Living Allowance [COLA] Changes to Employees

Guyanese Oil Boom Disrupting Georgetown Housing Market

2019 Global Workforce Symposium: YP40 Panel on Networking and Career Development [event]

COLA Change Report - helping you communicate proactively with employees

What can you do to protect your international assignees when home or host currency weakens?

Munich - November 26th: Global Mobility Kaffee und Kuchen Briefing  [Event]

Surveying by E-Scooter in Warsaw and Wellington

The Cost of Living - It's Not Just About the Cost of Housing

Changing the game with AIMS!

3 Ways to Assess Changes in Hardship with a Focus on Hong Kong

Tourism Turmoil: Barcelona and Madrid’s Rental Markets

Houston TX, U.S.A. - SHRM Global HR Conference, 11 September 2019 [Event]

Middle East Business: AIRINC's Michael Joyce Published by NES Global Talent

Berlin - November 5th: Global Mobility Kaffee und Kuchen Briefing [Event]

Amsterdam - October 16th: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

What is 'Key Money' and how does it impact renters in Japan?

Copenhagen - October 1st: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

Jakarta, Indonesia - September 12th: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

Hong Kong Protests and the Impact on Expatriates [update]

Expatriate Life in Dili and the Impact of a Governmental Push for Tourism

Employee share schemes and shadow payrolls: Impact from New Zealand tax changes

Tax Collection Change in France: What you need to know! [update]

5-Days-in-Rome: Glimpse an AIRINC Cost of Living Survey in Action! [video]

Economic liberalization in Myanmar: Impact on Goods and Services

Part 5 of 5: Economic Volatility: Best Practices for Managing Your Mobility Program Over Time

Salaries increase 28.9% due to major tax reform in Lithuania

What is the 183-day rule and how does it impact Global Mobility programs?

The Economic Impact of Swine Fever in Vietnam and China

Part 4 of 5: Host-Based Solutions and an Introduction to Global Compensation with AIRINC and Korn Ferry

Domestic Mobility: Should I stay, or should I go?

Luxembourg's 38% population growth impacting housing market

São Tomé and a Decade of Limited Change

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services [2019: Q2]

Part 3 of 5: How can you leverage policy suite segmentation for success?

Who should be managing our domestic moves?

Initial costs of renting in England have decreased

Part 2 of 5: Business Travelers, Commuters, and Tax Implications

2019 World Cup: Traveling to cheer on your team for the Final 4?

Our Love of the World: 2019 AIRINC Photo Contest

2019 World Cup: 8 teams, 8 flights - see the cost of cheering on your team!

My first week back: The excitement of ‘coming home’ to AIRINC!

Part 1 of 5: Compensation Basics for Globally Mobile Employees [Webinar]

Hong Kong Protests and the Impact on Expatriates

200 Unique Survey Cities and a Career that's Endured

Meeting the Challenges of Change: Global Mobility Assignments [Webinar]

What's the best way to travel around Mauritius?

Guaranteed Results: 2019 AIRINC Institute Webinar Series

Clearly communicate complex mobility polices and practices through video!

What we learned: FEM Americas Global Mobility Summit!

Communicating effectively with limited resources!

Riding the COLA-Coaster:  2 Proactive Communication Strategies for Cost-of-Living

What we learned: The America's Mobility Conference!

How should your business structure compensation for international mobility? [webinar]

3 New Ways for Mobility to Communicate!

Disruptions and Innovations Happening in the Talent Mobility Industry [video]

Dallas TX, U.S.A. - FEM Americas Global Mobility Summit, May 22-23 [Event]

APAC Global Mobility Breakfast Briefings in Hong Kong and Singapore [Event]

Evaluating Threat: 3 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Hardship Premium!

Do you have a reliable source for calculating airfare allowances?

U.S. Residual Tax and the Impact on Global Mobility Programs [Download]

'It’s Not Enough Money!': 3 solutions for low-wage to high-cost assignees

How does Transportation in Buenos Aires Compare Globally?

Increased Vacancies and Falling Rents in Abu Dhabi and Dubai!

The Gulf Cooperation Council and Collective Tax Reforms: What you need to know!

3-Part Mobility Tax Webinar Series - CE Credit and Open Registration!

Now Hiring: International Cost-of-Living Surveyor in Cambridge, MA!

Housing Market Snapshot: Supply outpacing demand in Doha, Qatar

The Importance of Good Decision-Making in Global Mobility

Keeping Pace: Increased minimum wage in Uruguay

Why is it so expensive to own a car in Singapore?

Housing Market Snapshot: Rents in Bogota, Colombia on the Rise!

3-Part Mobility Tax Webinar Series brought to you by GTN and AIRINC

Uncertainty Looms, Opportunity Grows: Impact of BREXIT in the Netherlands

What is a Personal Salary Impact Statement and how is it used in Global Mobility?

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services [2019: Q1]

AIRINC's 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey [Video]

How will BREXIT impact your Cost of Living Allowance?

AIRINC News: Interstellar Cost of Living Research Coming Soon!

Examining the results of the 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey [webinar series]

What country has the world's most expensive gasoline? [Infographic]

US Taxpayers Seeing Smaller Than Anticipated Refunds

What are the best approaches when moving employees? [webinar recording]

AIRINC's 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey [Download]

Do you have what it takes? Resilient, intelligent, travel-ready individuals wanted! [Hong Kong]

Brexit's Latest Impact on London Housing: The Brexit Clause

Demonetization in India: What's the impact 2 years later?

Accounting for tax costs of an international assignment

Open Access: Reliable and accurate cost estimates for short-term, long-term, and host plus assignments!

The United Arab Emirates: A Top 10 transportation destination!

Top 5 downloads that shaped our perspective for 2019 and beyond!

What is IPTU and how does it apply to Expatriate Housing?

The Subway in China: The World's Largest and the World's Busiest

Public Transportation and 'the Next Big Thing' in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Improving the Employee Experience for International Assignments

How will China's Tax Changes Impact Expatriates?

Dublin Rental Market Continues to Rise

Are you relocating or assigning an employee within the same country?

The 6 Most Common Questions about Volunteer Policies

Russia’s Foreign Citizen Registration Law: what is it and how is it impacting expatriates?

Upcoming Event: Worldwide ERC 2019 Frankfurt Mobility Summit

A Headache for Aspirin Users in South Korea

What are the 10 best places to live and work in 2019?

Currency and Economic Volatility: The impact on Turkey's rental market

Make your Mobility decisions easier and more informed in 2019!

Your Key to Reliable and Accurate Cost Estimates

Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond [Download]

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - February 21st: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

Guangzhou and Shenzhen: Housing Growth and Government Policy

Update: Will the government shutdown affect my tax refund?

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services (2018: Q4)

Happy New Year!

Expatriate Life in Belize City [5-minute read]

Top 3 Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019!

Best places to live and work in 2019: AIRINC’s Global 150 Ranking

A Cost of Living Survey in an Evolving Borneo [3-minute read]

TRYing to Understand Turkey's Expatriate Lease Laws?

‘Tis the Season: Home Leave Headaches!

How do you get around in Saint-Denis, Reunion?

Why do we visit hundreds of cities each year?

Should assignees on Short Term Assignments receive a Per Diem or COLA?

Evolving Transportation in Jakarta, Indonesia

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for a Starbucks Espresso [price ranking]

How are you planning to manage housing costs in 2019?

Day Zero, Delayed: Cape Town, South Africa

Assess the Competitiveness of your Mobility Program for 2019!

The Diplomatic Blockade and a Softening Housing Market: Doha, Qatar

Sin Taxes and Double-Digit Inflation

Georgetown, Guyana: A Top Global Energy Frontier?

COLA in an age of Global Volatility [webinar recording]

Falling Rents: Expatriate Housing in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Nairobi, Kenya: 5 Years after the Westgate Mall Attack

Amsterdam - November 27th: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

Paris, France - November 20th: Global Mobility Breakfast Briefing [Event]

U.K. Domestic Move Policy Benchmark: Opening Early 2019!

Last Call! Non-Profit Benchmark: Global Mobility Policy and Practice

The Impact of Volatility in Emerging Markets: Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, and more!

Algiers, Algeria: What to know about VAT and recent changes on tax and imports

Where can you make the most money and keep it? [Infographic]

AIRINC News: New EMEA General Manager

China Tax Reform

Using Lump Sums Effectively: A discussion with Procter & Gamble [webinar]

Seattle, U.S.A. - October 17th - 19th: Global Workforce Symposium 2018 [Event]

Pulse Survey Results: Lump Sums

Housing in Brazil: A surge of new construction impacting vacancy rates, prices

Why would companies with globally mobile employees use Tax Equalization?

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services (2018: Q3)

Permanent Transfers: Lessons Learned

AIRINC News: Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year!

Melbourne, Australia - October 11th: Global Mobility Forum [Networking event]

The Future of Entry-Level Mobility [webinar]

2017 Moving Expenses & Employer Reimbursements [U.S. Tax Update]

Sydney, Australia - October 9th: Global Mobility Forum [Networking event]

Now you can get Your Allowances Your Way!

How far does your gas money go? [Infographic]

The Ho Chi Minh City Metro: Will it ever be complete?

U.S.A. Income Tax Update - State responses to Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

ALERT: Currency chaos continues in one of the world's most volatile economies

Initiating an Assignment: Where do you start? [2-minute video]

How can you establish reliable airfare allowances?

Tax in Netherlands: 30% Ruling reduced from 8 to 5 years.

The Future of Entry-Level Mobility by AIRINC & Benivo

ALERT: Turkish Lira Crisis

Best Practices for Managing Your Mobility Program Over Time [webinar]

Host-Based Solutions and an Introduction to Global Compensation [webinar]

Tax Changes in Malaysia: Will they impact your workforce?

Structuring the Balance Sheet for Long-Term Assignments [webinar]

How are companies determining and delivering lump sums?

3 Best Practices for Improving the Mobility Experience

Compensation Basics for Globally Mobile Employees [webinar]

How do you navigate costs in one of the most expensive cities in the world?

Curious about the latest trends in Global Mobility? [webinar]

Budapest, Hungary: Rental housing prices are on the rise!

Boston, U.S.A. - August 15th: Join us for a GBSN boat cruise!

Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services (2018: Q2)

2018 AIRINC Institute Webinar Series

United Arab Emirates Housing: Availability up, prices down, VAT introduced

New Registration Rule for Foreigners in Russia

Tax Collection Change in France: What you need to know!

2018 World Cup: 32 Teams, 32 Prices - the most expensive country will surprise you!

Beijing, China - August 9th: Effective Mobility Strategies for Cross-Border Assignments [Corporate workshop]

Banning Imports to Raise Domestic Production

How is AIRINC different?

What are Lump Sums and how can they be used effectively?

Expatriate Transportation: An on-site cost of living survey in Mexico

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030: Is it impacting expatriate life?

How do you select the best approach to housing allowances?

Boston, USA - May 30th: The Latest Trends in Global Mobility [Networking event]

Housing for International Assignees:  Keeping it Simple!

Pollution and the Impact on Expatriate Life in Beijing and Shanghai, China

State-backed Cryptocurrency and Redenomination of the Bolivar

FEM Americas Global Mobility Summit, May 23-24 in San Diego, CA

Moving Household Goods is Taxing! [infographic]

Americas Mobility Conference: Join over a thousand global mobility professionals to connect, exchange, and elevate!

Best Practices for Establishing Housing Budgets [webinar recording]

How are volatile global commodity prices impacting Middle East economies?

UPDATE: Withholding calculator for United States 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act'

Amazon's HQ2 Finalists: Ranked by housing affordability

Currency Volatility: How to proactively manage pay packages for expatriate/international assignees!

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2018: Q1)

Iran Unifies Official and Open Market Rates of the Rial

Cost-of-Living Allowances [COLA]: Communicate, communicate, communicate!

The 2018 Mobility Outlook Survey: Key Takeaways! [Infographic]

2018 AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey: Talent-aligned Mobility Program, Part 3 [Webinar Recording]

Cape Town Water Crisis: Drought, Restrictions, and Day Zero

2018 AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey: Segmenting Mobility Policy, Part 2 [Webinar Recording]

2018 AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey: The latest trends and what to expect this year! Part 1 [Webinar Recording]

AIRINC's 2018 Mobility Outlook Survey Report [Download]

Employee Experience in 2018: Do you have the best tools to influence your cross-border moves?

REPORT: How the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts Domestic Mobility Programs

Shape the Future of Mobility for Entry-Level Employees!

Has your Global Mobility Program considered hiring a driver for International Assignees?

Resilient, Intelligent, Travel-ready Individuals: Do you have what it takes to become an AIRINC Cost of Living Surveyor?

Have the sweeping changes to U.S. tax code left you confused?

Amazon's HQ2 Finalists: How do they rank by cost of living vs Seattle? [Infographic]

'Sin Taxes' Emerge in Gulf States

Saudi Arabia is Changing Rapidly - but what does this mean for female expatriates?

Venezuela's 'Petro' Cryptocurrency Announced

Know Before You Go: International Transfers and the Employee Experience

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Jordan Blue

Evolving your Mobility Program to address recent U.S. tax changes [Webinar Recording]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What is it and How is it Impacting Expatriates? 

India GST: Reactions still mixed six months later

How will U.S. Tax Reform Impact your International and Domestic Mobility Programs? [Webinar Recording]

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2017: Q4)

What is Council Tax and How is it Applied to Expatriate Housing?

On-site in Freetown, Sierra Leone: Post Ebola Living and International Influence

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Joyful Holiday Season!

Holiday Travel & Home Leave: What's the difference between booking airfare ahead vs last minute?

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Jessica Caligan

What is a Globalist Program in Global Mobility?

The Role of Mobility Today [2-minute video]

Top-3 Challenges of Short-Term Assignments and more![Infographic]

Conakry, Guinea: A Decade of Change?

'Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in Times of Brexit' with Contributions from AIRINC's Kay Hall!

1 Second Everyday: Glimpse an AIRINC Cost of Living Survey! [video]

Top-10 Least Expensive Cities for Expatriate Rental Housing! [Infographic]

A future with less traffic? Expatriate Transportation in São Paulo [3-minute read]

News from the Road: An Expatriate Cost of Living Survey in Paramaribo, Suriname

Webinar Recording: Cost Estimates and their Impact on Policy Choice!

Top-10 Most Expensive Cities for Expatriate Rental Housing! [Infographic]

Expatriate Housing: Where are rental prices going in Brazil?

AIRINC News: FEM EMMAs Shortlist 2017 - London, U.K.

Improving the Employee Experience— Webinar hosted by UnitedHealthcare Global and AIRINC

India GST: What is it and How is it Impacting Expatriates?

How do you Manage Furnishings for International Assignments? [Infographic]

In the News: MOVE Guides now supporting Short-Term Assignments by integrating AIRINC data

The Blockade and Cost-of-Living in Qatar

Is Expatriate Housing the Key to a Successful Global Mobility Policy? [Infographic]

Why is Assignment Management Software Trending in 2017?

Are San Francisco Rental Prices Coming Back Down to Earth?

Business Travel and Short-Term Assignment Benchmark Survey Highlights, October 31st

Would you trust your Global Mobility Assignment to a Crowdsourced Cost-of-Living Calculator?

Global Mobility Data for All Your International Moves

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2017: Q3)

The 4 Most Common Mechanisms for Double Tax Relief on Short-Term Assignments

October 26, 2017 in New York City: Global Mobility Discussion - Cost Estimates and their Impact on Policy Choice

3 Strategies for Managing Exchange Rate Fluctuations for Your Global Mobility Program in 2017

Popularity Straining the Expatriate Housing Market in Barcelona, Spain

Exploring the use of One-Way Transfers in the Technology Industry, September 28th

How do you Successfully Estimate Costs Unique to Each Assignment Type?

2017 FEM APAC EMMAs winner of Global Mobility Professional of the Year announced!

Who are AIRINC's International Surveyors and How do you become one?

2017 AIRINC APAC Institute: 5 Webinars to Achieve Mobility Success

AIRINC Institute Part Five: Managing Your Program Over Time, August 29th

October 11th, 2017: Breakfast and Networking in Jakarta, Indonesia!

AIRINC Institute Part Four: Host-Based Solutions and an Introduction to Global Compensation, August 24th

AIRINC Institute Part Three: Structuring the Balance Sheet for Long-Term Assignments, August 22nd

October 13, 2017: Breakfast and Networking in Kuala Lumpur!

The Meter is on Mobile in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

October 10th, 2017: Breakfast and Networking in Singapore!

AIRINC Institute Part Two: Compensation Basics for Globally Mobile Employees, August 17th

The AIRINC 2017 World Gasoline Price Report: How far does your gas money go?

Cash is King: The Rising Popularity of Managed Lump Sums

AIRINC Institute Part One: 2017 Mobility Outlook Survey - identifying the latest trends in global mobility, August 15th

High Inflation in Cairo Following November’s Devaluation

Losses and Gains in Foreign Exchange: Argentina and Iceland falling, Canada and Sweden gaining! And then there's Venezuela.

2017 AIRINC Institute: 5 Webinars to Achieve Global Mobility Success

Individual Taxpayers Impacted by New Tax Rates in India

Venezuela’s New Exchange Rate

Expatriate Housing in Yangon, Myanmar: Post Boom! Market

Calculating a Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA): Capturing True Costs

Pets Abroad: Did you know?

News from the Road: An Expatriate Cost of Living Survey in Mumbai, India

Losses and Gains in Foreign Exchange: Haitian Gourde spiking, Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte floundering

AIRINC News: Expatriate Hardship - India versus China

Want to Learn More about Rewarding Globally Mobile Executives?

Crisis in the Gulf: The blockade against Qatar and the Impact on Expatriates

In the News: International Assignments - What's a Partner to do?

AIRINC News: Expat Academy - Network Huddle on the 15th of June in London!

New Cairo: Population Growth and the Expatriate Attraction

Losses and Gains in Foreign Exchange: South Sudanese Pound continues to crash, Icelandic Krona continues to rise!

Salary Evaluation for Cross-Border Hires and Localizations

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Inez Nomidis

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Transportation Options for Expatriates

Losses and Gains in Foreign Exchange!

AIRINC News: Kay Hall and the 2017 Mobility Outlook Survey - Cost Savings Hurting Retention Rates

Upcoming Event: Worldwide ERC Americas Mobility Conference, May 17-19, 2017 in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.

2017 Mobility Outlook Webinar Series – Part 4: Resourcing Mobility, May 11th

Upcoming Events: World at Work Total Rewards Conference and Expo, May 7-10, 2017 in Washington, DC, U.S.A.

2017 Mobility Outlook Webinar Series – Part 3: Connecting Global Mobility to Talent Management and Measuring Success, May 4th

Upcoming Event: FEM Americas Summit!  May 3 -4, 2017  in Denver, U.S.A.

2017 Mobility Outlook Webinar Series – Part 2: Building Flexibility into Your Mobility Program

AIRINC's International Assignment Calculator: Saving money and adding time to your day!

Protests, Seizures, and Currency Depreciation: Conditions in Venezuela continue to worsen

Economic Instability in Luanda, Angola

Expatriate Housing Market News: Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

Gas Prices Continue to Rise in the Middle East

Expatriate Housing: Oversupply in Nairobi, Kenya

Global 150: Financial Ranking - Where's the money?

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2017: Q1)

2017 Mobility Outlook Webinar Series – Part 1: The latest trends and what to expect this year

Global 150: Lifestyle - Where does your city rank?

International Tax: How to leverage these solutions to minimize your tax exposure

2017 AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey Report!

Fast-Paced Philippines: Expatriate Housing is on the move!

AIRINC News: FEM Americas EMMAs Shortlist 2017

Top-150 Most Attractive Cities for Quality of Life [Harvard Business Review & AIRINC]

Global Mobility Insider Interview: Aligning Mobility with Business and Talent Goals

What are the top-5 Mobility Policies Trending Today?

News from the Road: An Expatriate Cost of Living Survey in Tirana, Albania

Expatriate Housing and Security in Istanbul, Turkey

Upcoming Boston-Area Networking Event: The Latest Trends in Global Mobility - Register Today!

Expatriate Housing: Dublin rents are on the Rise!

Global Mobility News: The Currency of Housing in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Global Mobility News - Bangalore, India: Rents are falling

AIRINC News: Announcement of Americas Regional Leader for AIRINC

AIRSHARE: One Year of Mobility Insight!

Global Mobility News: Nigeria Naira Exchange Rate Options

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2016: Q4)

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Laura Bayne

Cost-cutting — A Challenge for Mobility Professionals

Navigating the Issues of Housing for Expatriates and Global Mobility

Happy Holidays! Here's a look at the top posts that our readers viewed in 2016

Pets Abroad: Rigors versus Rewards

Hyperinflation Nation: Venezuela has Recalled its 100-Bolivar Note

Challenges of Localization

Erbil, Iraq: Tough Times in Kurdistan

The Seal Of Approval In Port Au Prince Expatriate Housing

Learn how to save time and money in 2017!

AIRINC Hardship Evaluation Interactive Online Tool!

Upcoming APAC Events!

Managing Cost of Living Allowances Amid Volatility

How Is the Brexit Vote Affecting Expatriate Allowances?

Building a Better Budget for Your International Assignment Program

Create Tailored Lump Sum Cash Allowances

Currency Devaluations and Cross-Border Assignments

How competitive is your mobility policy?

Currency Bombshell: India voids notes

The 122nd Amendment and GST: Big Changes in India

Devaluation of the Egyptian Pound (EGP)

AIRINC Publications:  On-Demand Expertise

Luanda, Angola: Then and Now

BREXIT for Mobility Professionals

Data Points - Q3: Fort McMurray AB, Canada

Open Skies in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

News from the Road: Yaounde, Cameroon

Allowances: Not just a way to get kids to do chores!

Airfare Database: Your ticket to an easier solution!

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2016: Q3)

Cross-Border Pay Approaches

Proud Sponsor and Exhibitor of the Global Workforce Symposium in DC, October 5-7

International Tax Solutions

Expat Decisions: A Life Abroad

AIRINC Airfare Database now featuring One-Way!

AIRINC Shortlisted for 2 EMMA'S!

Estimating Expat Assignment Costs

Global Mobility Strategy Roadmap

How does the price of a single Starbucks Espresso change around the World?

Coping with Currency Volatility: EMEA Region

Brexit and Mobility: Take action now!

The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: Your Per Diem from AIRINC

Have you seen the 2016 Mobility Outlook Survey?

Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Foreign Currency and the Pursuit of Exchange

5 Webinars for Global Mobility Success

The Exclave on the Baltic: Kaliningrad, Russia

Euro 2016: Your Per Diem In France!

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services (2016: Q2)

Struggling with Short-term Assignments?  Here's your solution!

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Anne Benjamin

Where does your Data come from?

Discover Quito! An AIRINC On-site Cost of Living Survey (video)

Decreased Allowances: How to Manage Pushback from Assignees

Locked up Abroad: Your Coffee!

Expert Turned Assignee: Life as a Trailing Spouse and Remote Employee Abroad

Currency Devaluations and Cross-Border Assignments: Do's and Don'ts, Part II

Surveyor Spotlight: Training and Learning on the Road in Central America

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Tom Healey

News from the Road: Dar es Salaam

Transitioning Your Global Mobility Program: Smooth Sailing or Rocky Road?

Global Mobility Trends and Management

Venezuela: New Name, Same Result

Expatriate Trends Report: Housing, Tax, and Goods & Services

Baku and the Pedestrian’s Plight

Hardship Evaluations: The Highest and Lowest Ranked Cities by Region

A forgotten wallet, a missed train

Air Quality in India: Causing Headaches

Top-10 Best & Worst International Airports

Welcome to AIRShare: Your Link to Strategic Global Mobility!

Localization: Now Trending!

Surveying the World: Where it all Starts

Evaluating Terrorism's Impact on Hardship

An Eye on London

The Cost of Coupling in the World's Top-5 Most Romantic Cities

ALERT: Zika Virus and the Emerging Health Risk

Beijing, Pollution, and the New Normal

Is Your Company’s Global Mobility Program On the Mark? (infographic)

AIRINC Insider: Interview with Jeff Hawk

Business Traveler: Challenges of the Shortest International Assignment

NEWS: AIRINC's Data Points featured in Relocate Magazine

Currency Devaluations and Cross-Border Assignments: Do’s and Don’ts - Part 1

Air Pollution Disrupting Your Daily Commute?

Expatriate Living in Praia, Cape Verde

Life as a Trailing Spouse in Basel, Switzerland

News from the Road: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Expatiate Housing and the Currency of Exchange: Jakarta, Indonesia

3 Strategies for Managing Exchange Rate Fluctuations for Your Global Mobility Program

Global Mobility Spotlight: 6 Years of Learning from Cost of Living Surveys

AIRINC Cost of Living Surveys

NEWS: The Real Cost of Filling Up

News From the Road: Ljubliana, Slovenia

NEWS: Relocation Today - Coping with Currency Volatility and Exchange Rates

News from the Road: Stanley, Falkland Islands

NEWS: CNN Money - Here's where to find the world's cheapest gas

NEWS: Understanding Compensation When Going on Foreign Assignment

News from the Road: Lusaka, Zambia