Relocation Management Companies (RMCs) provide value in many ways. From an operational standpoint, they help streamline the relocation process, answer questions for employees, or help consolidate and report on relocation expenses. But they also provide strategic value and advice for mobility teams. Often RMCs will provide cost projections or cost comparisons to help advise their clients on the expected investment level and cost options. 

What are the challenges RMCs face when it comes to providing accurate cost projections? 

This type of strategic advising isn’t easy though. RMCs can face a lot of challenges when running cost projections. 

  • Access to the right tools & data: Hard-to-use technologies can drag down your team’s efficiency, and hard-to-find or outdated data may compromise the accuracy of your estimates. 
  • Complex programs & policies: Managing multiple clients and their many distinct policies can become a logistical nightmare without the right tools in place. 
  • Lack of flexibility: Cost projections tools can be difficult to configure to client policies, and standardized output templates often fail to address the nuances of each client’s policy. 

These challenges make it difficult for RMCs to maintain the high standards of precision and responsiveness that clients expect from their mobility advisors.  

How does ACE Policy Configurations address these challenges? 

AIRINC can help! Our new Policy Configuration module for our Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) solution is specifically designed to help RMCs deliver rapid calculations and accurate cost estimates to the clients they advise.   

  • Access to the right tools & data: ACE is a one-stop-shop containing all the relocation cost data needed to run any estimate. ACE uses AIRINC’s proprietary tax engine which supports full tax calculations in over 200 jurisdictions across the globe. Users can run estimate across 575 cities or 333,000 routes. Our tools are available via SSO or API. 
  • Complex programs & policies: ACE provides a multi-tenant system to simplify the complexities of managing multiple clients and policies. The tool allows users to create and configure an unlimited number of policies at no additional cost so RMCs can meet client needs big and small. 
  • Lack of flexibility: ACE is highly configurable for the user without any implementation project. Simply log on and start configuring your client’s policies today. Select the benefits provided, rename them to align with client terminology, set the calculation logic, and save your templates to ensure consistent, accurate estimates generated in just a few minutes. 

ACE empowers you to deliver personalized, accurate, and consistent cost projections every time. Elevate your approach to global mobility management with ACE Policy Configurations and set a new standard of excellence for your clients. 

ACE Policy Configurations – Key Features 

  • Fast calculations and cost estimates at your fingertips.  
  • All the data required to run any estimate including allowances (COLA or housing), relocation costs (shipping or flights) and location costs (corporate apartment or car rental). 
  • Robust tax logic accounting for residency thresholds, expat rulings, tax treaties, and more. 
  • Manage multiple policies and clients within a multi-tenant system and unlimited number of policies at no additional cost. 
  • Users can configure cost estimates to align to each of your client’s policies in a matter of minutes. 
  • Edit saved templates to account for any policy changes. 


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