This year marked a monumental occasion for AIRINC as we celebrate 70 incredible years in the Global Mobility industry! Over the past seven decades, we have witnessed and contributed to the dynamic evolution of this field, supporting businesses and employees around the world through every twist and turn. From our modest beginnings in Cambridge, MA, AIRINC has blossomed into a global entity with offices and employees in Boston, London, Brussels, Hong Kong, and Germany. Once solely serving U.S.-based clients, we now proudly partner with over 1,200 clients across more than 50 countries.

Let's Celebrate!

AIRINCers from around the world came together to commemorate this significant milestone at various events. In Boston, the festivities were filled with laughter and joy as colleagues toasted to 70 years of success. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the office outdid themselves with a stunning cake that stole the show. And over in Brussels, the European team embraced the theme of the 1950s, transporting everyone back to the era of AIRINC's beginnings. It was a time of nostalgia and appreciation for how far we've come, and a reminder that the spirit of AIRINC will continue to thrive for years to come. As AIRINC's CEO Jeff Hawk said, "People are the building blocks of our seventy-year-old foundation.... We cannot wait for the next 70 years. AIRINC is here to stay and ready for the future: we are helping our clients take on their challenges by offering creative solutions, flexible technology, and the best data."


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