Through the Balance Sheet approach, employees can maintain their original home country salary during their assignment. To safeguard this salary, the company implements various allowances and programs. Don't miss out on our upcoming webinar where we delve back into the fundamentals of this approach.

Webinar - Back to Basics: The Balance Sheet

Session 1: June 20 | 10:00 AM Boston / 3:00 PM London
Session 2: June 25 | 11:00 AM San Francisco / 2:00 PM Boston
Session 3: June 26 | 10:00 AM Hong Kong 


Whether you're new to Global Mobility or you've been in the industry for a while and need a refresher, join us for an interactive 30-minute session where we will discuss:

  • Back to basics: the fundamentals of the Balance Sheet Approach and its primary components (taxes, goods & services, housing, and savings)
  • Best practices for maintaining the Balance Sheet over time

  • Scenarios for using the Balance Sheet

The webinar will be held on three separate dates, with Anraoi Rooney and Kevin Theissen leading the initial session on June 20th, followed by Ashley Powers and Olivia Aiken on June 25th, and concluding with Cyrus Tang and Amber Chan on June 26th.

Back to Basics webinar line up

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