It is easy to forget that the success and reputation of Mobility programs hinge on employees having a great experience. Assignee experience has long been in the spotlight for Mobility programs, but the definition of a good experience varies widely.

Webinar: Key Focus Areas for Prioritizing the Employee Experience

Session 1: July 9 at 10:00 AM Boston / 3:00 PM London

Session 2: July 25 at 10:00 AM Hong Kong


We put our thinking caps on and identified nine focus areas that contribute to a good assignee experience. We then asked you how important you think these are and the results are fascinating!


Join us in this webinar as we discuss the latest trends in employee experience and discover what the benchmark says in terms of where the priorities are.


In session one, you'll hear from the dynamic duo of presenters, Mike Wincott and Claire Fielding. And in session two, the spotlight will shine on Jason Tang and Lynette Lawrence. Join us for an insightful discussion on employee experience with these expert speakers.


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employee experience webinar

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