The global mobility world is an ever-changing landscape of new trends and challenges for various industries. Our 2024 Mobility Outlook Survey works to understand these changes and where our industry is headed. Let’s look closely at the survey results for the automotive industry to learn how we’re preparing for the future and to understand the questions may face along the way.

  1. Driving Change: Navigating Global Mobility in the Auto Industry

    We asked various global mobility professionals if they are expecting mobility activity to increase, decrease, or remain the same in 2024. 50% of auto participants said they expect assignments to increase throughout the year. This is up from the general industry participants, of whom only 44% expect assignments to increase. When asked to elaborate on this response, some participants expressed reasons such as their assignee population still being below pre-pandemic levels, as well as an increase in short-term or rotation type assignments. Participants from the auto industry expect to see an increase in developmental and short-term assignments compared to the general industry, indicating the type of work needed for an international assignment differs from other industries. 
  2. AI Behind the Wheel: Driving Efficiency and Innovation:

    As AI becomes more integrated into every job function, we asked our participants how AI can help improve mobility. Most auto participants believe AI could be used to reduce the time it takes to deploy talent and could allow access to more information for mobility practitioners. Mobility also thinks AI could assist in providing better or easier communication with the employees.
    The outlook on AI seems positive, as this could be used as a tool to streamline mobility processes and enhance the employee experience.
  3. A Smooth Ride: Steering Employee Experience Towards Success:

    A positive employee experience is a key component when planning and executing a successful assignment. When asked what the definition of a good employee experience is, most auto participants noted clear communication as the key to a successful assignment. Keeping the employee in the loop on all relocation steps and ensuring the process is timely are foundational pieces to jumpstarting a great mobility experience. Another popular response was ensuring that all employees receive the right package type and policy approach for their assignment. It is important that employees do not feel the need to negotiate to get the support they feel is needed.
    In every industry, there are barriers to providing a good employee experience. When asked what the auto industry is doing this year to overcome those barriers, we found companies are hoping to limit the number of vendor contacts to help streamline the point of contacts, establishing assignment purpose and career path at the start of the assignment, and reviewing mobility function staffing models to ensure employees have an internal point of contact. 

2024 Mobility Outlook Survey


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