Are you looking to optimize your company's relocation policies and manage costs more effectively? Core/Flex policies are gaining traction in the business world as a solution that offers both businesses and relocating employees the flexibility they need. Core/Flex divides benefits into "CORE" (always provided) and "FLEX" (customizable) categories. However, traditional mobility and HR technology often struggle to efficiently manage these dynamic frameworks. Let’s explore how AIRINC's solutions can simplify this process for you.

Core/Flex in Cost Estimates

When planning relocations, accurate cost estimates are crucial. Existing technologies usually treat most benefits as "CORE," which can lead to inflated estimates and inefficient resource use. This approach often results in higher costs and less flexibility, complicating your cost projections and planning.

Innovative Approaches to Implementation

AIRINC’s cost estimate platform offers two innovative approaches to support Core/Flex frameworks, tailored to meet your specific needs:

Add-in Approach:

  • Start Simple: Begin with a standard policy that includes only "CORE" benefits.
  • Customize as Needed: Add specific "FLEX" benefits based on individual needs.
  • Cost-Effective: This provides a cost-effective starting point that adapts to your unique requirements.
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Opt-out Approach:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Start with a policy that includes all benefits labeled as "CORE" or "FLEX."
  • Tailored Choices: Remove unnecessary "FLEX" benefits to streamline your package.
  • Informed Decisions: This approach offers a comprehensive view of options and their cost implications.

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Both approaches ensure that "CORE" benefits remain un-editable, guaranteeing a consistent core experience for all employees.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • User-Friendly Technology: Choose a platform that offers an intuitive user experience and flexibility.
  • Consistent Core Benefits: Ensure that essential "CORE" benefits are always provided.
  • Customization Options: The add-in approach provides a cost-effective baseline, while the opt-out approach promotes thoughtful benefit selection.

Simplify Your Cost Estimates: Build Core/Flex Policies with Ease

With AIRINC’s Assignment Cost Estimator, you can now effortlessly design Core/Flex policies through a self-service policy builder. This tool streamlines your cost estimation process, making it easier than ever to manage relocation benefits efficiently.

Explore how AIRINC can transform your relocation policy management and cost estimation process here.

Unlock the potential of Core/Flex policies with AIRINC and take control of your relocation costs today.


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