Over the years in my role as Product Manager of AIRINC’s Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) solution, I have worked with many of our clients and partners to configure ACE to align with company policy assumptions. This has included configurations such as renaming benefit items to align to the company terminology, updating benefit item descriptions, and adjusting the benefit item calculation logic.  

Each configuration implementation project was just that – a project – where AIRINC (myself along with my team) and the client or partner would work together closely over a period of a few weeks to months to scope the required policy changes, implement the changes to the system, and have the users test once complete. While configuring ACE for clients over the past decade, we began noticing certain trends across typical benefit item adjustments and decided to put our years of configuring ACE to good use – so our Product and Engineering teams created the ACE Policy Configuration solution.
The ACE Policy Configuration solution allows users to align ACE to company policy assumptions without a more complex, lengthy ACE configuration implementation project (managed by yours truly). By using the tool, you can make the most common adjustments clients have asked us to make over the years which include: 
  • Renaming benefit item names to align to what you call them in your company policy
  • Re-ordering items so they show up in the final report in the order you want them to
  • Changing descriptions or helpful hover-over text
  • Renaming packages to align with your policy names
  • Excluding items
  • Making the most common logic adjustments / detailed benefit overrides (e.g. 45 days of temporary living instead of the standard AIRINC 30 days)

You can make these changes yourself in just a few clicks. You’ll set this up one time, then have the ability to access and edit going forward as your policies change. Once you’ve set up your policies in ACE Policy Configuration, you can then run an ACE report for an individual without any manual intervention, or a configuration project. 


We are excited to learn more about how our clients and partners are configuring their company policies for cost estimate purposes and plan to enhance our Policy Configuration solution over time as trends and requirements change (as they always do!). We have heard for years from our clients and partners that they want to be in control of their policy configuration and the ACE Policy Configuration solution allows you to do just that. We’ve put the power in your hands. 

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