Delivering domestic relocation support that is aligned to current market costs is critical for the success of a transfer. AIRINC has just released updated rental and home purchase data across North America to ensure you can support your employees and the business.

Visit our North America Cost of Living to see the U.S. housing markets that have undergone the most change!

domestic cost of livingAIRINC Domestic Solutions to Support Relocating Employees with their Housing

AIRINC can provide the following domestic solutions to support employees with their housing when relocating to high-cost locations:

  • Home Purchase Differentials estimate the additional cost of buying in higher-cost markets
  • Mortgage Interest Differentials calculate the change in typical mortgage payments due to housing market and interest rates over time
  • Estimated House Values assess home purchase/sale costs and cash-out values
  • Renter Payments such as rental differentials, lease cancellation payments, brokers fees, and more
  • Housing Allowances for temporary moves
  • Consulting to determine a unique solution to meet your needs!

View North American Cost of Living

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