Short-term assignments and commuter arrangements are increasingly being leveraged to allow more Global Mobility flexibility. 

Webinar: Best Practices for Short-Term Assignments and Commuter Arrangements

Session 1: May 16, 10:00 AM Boston / 3:00 PM London

Session 2: May 21, 10:00 AM Hong Kong


Short-term assignments are often used for project-based work but also for reasons such as skills transfer or developmental purposes. Less commonly used, commuter assignments are a way to provide flexibility for individual employee circumstances, allowing the employee to live in one location and work in another, moving regularly between the two locations.

Join us as we discuss best practices on these two assignment policies, supported by results from recent benchmark surveys.

We’ll cover:

  • When to use short-term or commuter assignments
  • Pros and cons vs. long term assignments
  • Watch outs!

Our webinar is scheduled for two dates. The initial session on May 16th will feature Adam Silver, Senior Director US, alongside Pat Jurgens, Director of Global Tax Research and Consulting. The subsequent session will occur on May 21st at 10 am Hong Kong time, with Senior Client Engagement Managers Lynette Laurence and Cyrus Tang at the helm. 

US STA Webinar

HK STA Webinar