Bruno Lagasse
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    Bruno graduated from ICHEC Brussels Management School in 2001. He also received his B.S. in Finance from the St. Louis University of Brussels in 2003. Before joining AIRINC in 2005, Bruno gained significant experience as a Business Analyst in various international companies including Toshiba and Conoco Philips. Bruno served as Head of AIRINC’s European Client Engagement where he managed a number of client service managers and oversaw various International and European accounts in the consumer goods, oil & gas, communication, and financial services industries. Bruno moved to Deputy Region Leader for EMEA in April 2021: in this new role, he oversees our production, client engagement and client solutions teams, with a focus on cross-team collaboration, growth, and client satisfaction.

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    Do changes in the exchange rate used to calculate the COLA cause the assignee to lose/gain purchasing power?

    Oct 03, 2022 @ 12:41 PM / by Bruno Lagasse


    As part of our “back to basics” webinar series, Marie Soubessens and Kevin Theissen presented on The Effects of Inflation and Exchange Rate Fluctuations on the COLA.

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    What are the relativities of remote work across the world?

    Jun 29, 2022 @ 02:46 PM / by Bruno Lagasse


    Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic the debate around remote working has been very lively.

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    Goods and Services Update for Russia

    May 04, 2022 @ 05:29 PM / by Bruno Lagasse


    The invasion of Ukraine and the resulting economic sanctions imposed on Russia created an instability that is affecting the value of the ruble and the prices of Goods & Services.

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