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Your Key to Reliable and Accurate Cost Estimates

Jan 18, 2019 @ 06:07 AM / by Michelle Curran


Minimal Effort for Maximum Gain: The Assignment Cost Estimator

With some basic employee information, and a few clicks, you can create a real-time cost estimate quickly and easily! No need to spend days waiting on an estimate. Now you can:

  • Accurately plan for employee assignments by understanding all of the costs including: Benefits, Allowances, and Taxes
  • Evaluate assignment options – cost transparency will help determine what type of assignment is best suited for the business need
  • Budget for assignment extensions – understand the implications when you cross a tax threshold (183 day rule)
  • Budget for group moves or other situations where you need to quickly assess the costs of multiple assignments at once
  • Tax calculations take into account the benefit delivery method, duration in host location, foreign tax credits, income tax treaties, nonresident tax rules, and more


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Michelle Curran

Written by Michelle Curran