Why is Assignment Management Software Trending in 2017?

    Oct 27, 2017 @ 08:52 AM / by Laura Bayne


    Assignment Management Software and Achieving Your Business Goals

    Recent years have shown a distinct movement away from custom software build-outs and home-grown systems, towards configurable standard SaaS offerings. There are several reasons for this trend:

    Insightful Reporting and Metrics

    It’s no longer enough to simply know where all your assignees are around the world. Businesses want to know how much they are spending on their global projects, where the costs are coming from, what choices the assignees are making, and how the program is changing over time.

    There is an ever-increasing interconnectivity between AMS (Assignment Management Software), and vendors and HR software systems.

    Businesses want the efficiency and accuracy gained by computers doing the work of talking to each other to pass data, as opposed to manual data imports.

    As a result, AMS are beginning to develop Software Ecosystems to allow for this type of interconnectivity, and through active collaboration with HR and third parties these systems will continue to grow and are expected to become the market standard approach for data integration.

    Employee Self-Service

    Many companies are placing a high value on having an assignee self-service. Providing the employee with ownership of their experience reduces administration costs and provides the employee with the flexibility to tailor the package in a way that maximizes the assignee's happiness with their placement.

    Lower Costs for your Global Mobility Program!

    Today’s Assignment Management Systems offer more flexibility and have lower costs to configure, avoiding the large expenses that historically came with customized software solutions. They also lower administration costs because an in-house development team is not needed and standard product enhancements are typically included without effort or cost to upgrade.

    What should you consider when transitioning to Assignment Management Software (AMS)?

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    Laura Bayne

    Written by Laura Bayne

    Laura joined AIRINC in 1989 and has worked in almost all functional areas within AIRINC including Client Engagement, Data Analysis, IT, Software Development, Partner Integrations, and Product Management. Laura is now AIRINC’s Chief Information Officer, putting her 30+ years’ experience in Global Mobility consulting and background in Mathematics and Computer Science to use solving client data flow and decision making needs, partner data and logic integration needs, and AIRINC’s internal RPA needs.