Webinar: Local Plus Packages in APAC Pulse Survey

    Jan 20, 2022 @ 12:40 PM / by Michelle Curran


    Webinar 4 Sessions Now Available:

    February 9: [1] 4:00 PM CET and [2] 2:00 PM EST

    February 10: [3] 2:30 PM HKT

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    NEW! February 15: [4] 12:00 PM Melbourne / 2:00 PM New Zealand

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    We recently published a pulse survey to examine if Local Plus packages have become the dominant approach for companies to deploy talent into and within the APAC region.

    Join us as we share the survey findings via a 30-minute webinar session. Four sessions are available with a newly added session for the Australian/New Zealand time zone.

    Through this session you will learn about:

    • How and why companies are using the local-plus approach
    • What the “plus” components are in a local-plus package
    • How companies are setting the salary for local-plus packages

    Webinar: Register Now!

    Webinar: Register Aus/NZ Session


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    Michelle Curran

    Written by Michelle Curran