Modifying your HR policy can be daunting both before, during, and after the process. It's important to consider the following carefully to alleviate issues along the way:

  • How much control do you need over the system?
  • If you have requirements that cannot be met by an AMS, are you willing to be flexible and compromise on a solution or wait in an enhancement queue?
  • If you are replacing your HCM (Human Capital Management)/HRIS (Human Resource Information System) system and it currently supports (in any way) your assignment management, you need to consider your AMS solution at the same time.
  • How quickly do you need to implement an AMS solution?
  • What staff do you have available to work on the implementation?
  • Are you comfortable driving the design or would you prefer taking a best practice default and making modifications?
  • How many data providers do you work with? Each one should be involved in an AMS implementation as early as possible.

How can AIRINC help you?

  • Selecting Assignment Management Software: AIRINC can help with the RFI/RFP process as a neutral 3rd party with vendor experience
  • Data Integration: Work with AIRINC early in the AMS implementation to ensure a seamless data integration
  • Calculations via API: Use AIRINC as a trusted source for calculation logic and take advantage of data flowing directly into your AMS
  • Assignment Management Software Quality Assurance: Implement new compensation logic in your AMS more easily with accurate comparison calculations in AIRINC's International Assignment Calculator
  • Augment Assignment Management Software: Run what-if calculations quickly, and test potential policy changes inexpensively
  • In Lieu of Assignee Management Software (60% of all companies are still using Excel to manage their assignees): Run one-off and/or batch compensation sheets and cost estimates