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Our Love of the World: 2019 AIRINC Photo Contest

Jun 27, 2019 @ 01:21 PM / by Gerald Abbey


Views of rusted-out ship remains in Ana Chaves Bay. As seen during AIRINC's onsite survey of São Tomé, São Tomé & Príncipe. Photo taken by AIRINC Surveyor Andrew Morollo Travel. Learn. Grow.  While AIRINC has an international survey team ...

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New Registration Rule for Foreigners in Russia

Jul 06, 2018 @ 04:38 PM / by Oscar Rasson


What is the new registration rule and how will it impact expatriates in Russia? During my May 2018 survey of Moscow, relocation agencies and real estate agents warned me of an upcoming change to the “регистрация” (registration) rule for ...

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