Expatriate Transportation

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 19, 2019 @ 09:09 AM / by Philli Wong

Port Louis, Mauritius during survey. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Philli Wong.

Transportation and Expatriate life in Mauritius

Transportation in Mauritius can be challenging for new assignees. Driving is a necessary part of life here as traveling across the island for meetings and activities is common. The capital, Port Louis, is to the west, the airport is down south, the best beaches are in the north, the technology hub is in the center, and the popular residential areas and offices can be found across the Island.

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[fa icon="calendar'] May 02, 2019 @ 07:44 PM / by Amber Chan

Buenos Aires, Argentina during survey. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Amber Chan.

From Hong Kong to Banjul and everywhere in-between

At home in Hong Kong, getting around the city is simple due to our modern subway. When traveling for survey, I get the opportunity to experience the wide spectrum of ease and difficulty found in the world’s transportation systems

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[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 14, 2019 @ 07:45 PM / by Alex Davis

Singapore as seen during a recent AIRINC cost of living survey.

Impact of the Vehicle Quota System (VQS)

Singapore can be one of the most expensive places in the world to purchase a vehicle because of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which is required for purchasing a car and allows for ownership for a period of ten years. 

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[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 11, 2018 @ 08:58 AM / by Eugene Kobiako

A Carrefour parking lot in Saint-Denis, Reunion. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Eugene Kobiako.

A fascinating mélange of French and Creole cultures

This past quarter I surveyed Saint-Denis, Reunion, an isolated island that was a fascinating mélange of French and Creole cultures. Reunion Island is an overseas department and region of France located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. Its capital and economic center is Saint-Denis. Since Reunion is officially part of France, everything functions on the island almost exactly like it does in mainland France.

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[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 29, 2018 @ 03:02 PM / by Yimkwan Tsang

A screenshot from a phone app for transportation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here, the number provided connects the app payment method to a taxi hailed from the street. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Yimkwan Tsang.

Taxis vs Rideshares in Jakarta

Rideshare companies are having an impact in Jakarta, a city where traffic is ever present and getting around can be challenging. While it is common for expatriates to have a car and driver here, taxi and rideshare companies are innovating ways to capture expatriate clientele.

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[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 05, 2018 @ 02:40 PM / by Eugene Kobiako

Ho Chi Minh City Metro: A brief history

The HCMC Metro is a rapid transit project that has been in the works since 2001. Over the years, it has attracted international attention due to construction accidents and budgeting issues that have delayed construction of even the first line, which broke ground in 2008.

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[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 23, 2018 @ 01:52 PM / by Jonathan Nyquist

Safety, Security, and Efficiency: When should you be supporting the costs for a driver for your international assignees?

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[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 22, 2017 @ 07:00 AM / by Meleah Paull

Expatriate Transportation: Traffic in Sao Paulo

As the most populous metropolitan area in the Americas, São Paulo is infamous for its traffic, regularly landing on top-ten lists of most hours spent behind the wheel.

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