Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for a Starbucks Espresso [price ranking]

    Nov 26, 2018 @ 12:30 AM / by Gerald Abbey

    A Starbucks storefront in Russia, as seen during an AIRINC on-site survey.A Starbucks storefront in Russia, as seen during an AIRINC on-site survey.

    99 Cities and an (almost) $4 difference

    With stores in over 75 global markets, Starbucks has become synonymous with coffee throughout much of the world, and we collect the price of a single espresso from just about every country and territory where a Starbucks exists!

    In our recent update, we pulled prices from ninety-nine global cities to compare the cost of a single Starbucks espresso. The results showed a wide range of prices and many changes at the top and bottom of our ranking from 2016. Agana, Guam overtook Zurich, Switzerland for the top place on the most expensive list, and St. Petersburg and Moscow pushed into the top 10.

    On the top 10 least expensive list, Lisbon, Portugal retained the number one ranking and even dropped in price by seven cents. Canada and Malaysia exited the least expensive list while Mexico, Turkey, and Bulgaria joined it; only three cities remain on the list from 2016.


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    Starbucks Global Price Ranking

    Below are the prices for a single espresso from Starbucks collected during on-site AIRINC cost-of-living surveys. All prices are presented in USD and were converted using the prevailing rates at the time of data collection.

      • Least Expensive
        Rank Location Price
        1 Portugal (Lisbon) $1.11
        2 Egypt (Cairo) $1.20
        3 Turkey (Istanbul) $1.35
        4 Colombia (Bogota) $1.42
        5 Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) $1.42
        6 Bulgaria (Sofia) $1.45
        7 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) $1.54
        8 Peru (Lima) $1.54
        9 Mexico (Mexico City and Guadalajara) $1.58
        10 South Africa (Johannesburg) $1.65
      • Most Expensive
        Rank Location Price
        1 Guam (Agana) $5.00
        2 Russia (St. Petersburg) $4.86
        3 Korea (Geoje and Ulsan) $4.78
        4 Switzerland (Zurich) $4.58
        5 Cyprus (Nicosia) $4.20
        6 Russia (Moscow) $4.20
        7 Korea (Seoul) $4.03
        8 Norway (Bergen) $3.66
        9 Bahamas (Nassau) $3.55
        10 Austria (Vienna) $3.33

    See the complete results by clicking below:



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